What is Habitat for Humanity?

  • A nonprofit, Christian housing ministry that believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.
  • Affiliate chapters such as Adams County Habitat for Humanity build and repair houses all over the world using volunteer labor and donations.
  • Our partner families purchase these houses through no-profit, no-interest mortgage loans or innovative financing methods.

How does it work?            

  • Through volunteer labor and donations.
  • Homeowners invest hundreds of hours of their own labor into building their Habitat house and the houses of others.
  • Habitat houses are sold to partner families at no profit and financed with affordable loans.
  • The homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments are used to build still more Habitat houses.

Is Habitat for Humanity a “handout?”

  • We like to describe the organization’s work as providing a “hand up” and not a “handout.”
  • We do not give away houses.
  • Habitat is about providing an opportunity for families who need a helping hand. The opportunity to obtain a house with a no-interest loan is an amazing opportunity.
  • Other organization, such as USDA’s loan programs, fulfill different needs for families. Habitat strives to reach hard-working, low to moderate income families who might not qualify for conventional programs.
  • By applying and becoming successful Habitat homeowners, families build a foundation of good credit and establish ties within Adams County communities.